Mentee Nomination Questionnaire

  • Mentee Nomination Questionnaire - Global Mentoring Walk 2023 Poland - May 20th 2023, Cracow

    This questionnaire will help us learn about you and your expectations towards this program. It will also help us find a perfect match for you with an appropriate Mentor.
  • 1. Name and surname *

  • 2. Date of birth *

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  • 3. E-mail *

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  • 4. Mobile numer *

  • 5. City of residence *

  • Work experience / Strengths / Expectations

  • 6. Your current place of work, your position *

  • 7. The name of the institutions, organizations, associations, clubs where you are active in business or social activities *

  • 8. Please indicate your previous pro publico bono activity or a description of the activities for the benefit of the public that you plan to carry out in the future *

  • 9. Did you participate in any Vital Voices initiative? What has changed your life? *

  • 10. Did you have a mentor? *

  • 11. What are your interests/hobbies? *

  • 12. Give a few statements on "what I want", what goals I set for myself and how Mentor could help to achieve this goal *

    Good definition of the goal is necessary to match the right mentor
  • 13. Other information you would like to provide and consider relevant *

  • 14. Please attache your CV with photo *

    Accepted file formats are: pdf. The maximum file size is 3 MB.
  • 15. A written reference will be an advantage

    Accepted file formats are: pdf. The maximum file size is 1 MB.