Mentor Nomination Questionnaire

  • Mentor Nomination Questionnaire - Global Mentoring Walk 2023 Poland - May 20th 2023, Cracow

  • 1. Name and surname

  • 2. Date of birth

    Please, pick a date.
  • 3. E-mail

    Please, enter e-mail address in a form e.g.: [email protected]
  • 4. Mobile number

  • 5. Company Name

  • 6. Title/Role

  • Professional Background/Strengths/Expectations

  • 7. Describe your current role and responsibilities

  • 8. How many people do you manage directly and indirectly?

  • 9. Additional roles and responsibilities held in your company/region

  • 10. Describe your interests and hobbies

  • 11. Describe your strengths. Are there any areas you feel very confident about and you would like to focus on with your mentee?

  • 12. How participating in this program can help you in your personal development?

  • 13. We appreciate the time a Mentor spends with a Mentee. Do you have any preference in terms of which industry/role your Mentee represents?

  • 14. Anything else we should know?

  • 15. Please attache your business photo.

    The photo will be used to present the Mentor's profile on social media. Please send photos with your name in the title of the photo.
    Accepted file formats are: jpg, jpeg. The maximum file size is 5 MB.